About the people we work with

There are 1.5 million homeless children in the United States, that is 1 in 50. Here are the stats on these children

Homeless children are/have.

2x’s more likely to go hungry and have ear infections

2x’s more likely to repeat a grade.

2x’s more likely to have learning disabilities.

4x’s more likely to be developmentally delayed.

4x’s as many asthma attacks.

5x’s as many stomach aches.

6x’s more likely to have a speech problem.

20% of homeless preschoolers will suffer from some type of mental disorder that will require professional help.

22% will end up in foster care or living with a relative.

25% will witness some type of domestic violence.

38% are Females with children.

47% suffer from depression, anxiety and will withdraw.

48% of children between the ages of 3-12 are proficient in reading.

61% do not have books of their own in their home.

77% do not attend school on a regular bases.

97% will move 3 times in one year

According to the “New America Media”, by 2012, 35% of children living in San Bernardino County will be living in improvised homes.