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Mother's Day Card pot
This is a great keep sake that all Mother's will love

Green Construction Paper
Red Construction Paper
glue stick
colored buttons
Cut red construction paper into pot shape
Trace childrens hand & cut out use green paper for this
cut some green stripes
glue hand prints on each side to make leaves
Glue green stripes in middle of hands
Glue flowers to green stripes
have children sign and put their age

It is Dr. Seuss's Birthday

This is a fun and easy craft to make with your children.
Orange Construction paper
Yellow Construction paper
Large/med googly eyes
Black pom poms
Glue stick
Oval shape
 1. Trace oval shapes on Orange paper. Cut out
2. Trace children hands Cut out
(you cut for smaller children)
3.  Paste nose in center of oval
4. Paste eyes on each side
of nose
5. Paste hands on each side of face to make mustache.
6. use strips of paper for the eyebrows. 
Hang up in your child's favorite place 


Memory Wreath
Pictures from Christmas
glue sticks
Green construction paper
Red  construction  paper
Holly Template
paper plate
paper clip
cut center out of paper plate
tape paper clip to back of  plate
cut  out pictures
use templates and cut out holly leaves and berries 
cover your paper plate with holly leaves and berries
place pictures through out your wreath
pack away  to use for  next  year

Well November and December is here and the kids will be out of school a lot.  Here is a fun craft to keep the kids busy 
Wrapping Paper Chain
1. Scissors
2. Old wrapping paper
3. Glue Sticks
1. Measure how wide you want strips
2. Cut paper into desired strips 
3. Glue 1 into a circle
4. Take a strip and put it through the circle and glue ends
5. Keep repeating until your change is as long as you want.

Fall Wreath
1. Paper plates
2. Construction paper (fall colors)
3. Leaf templates
4. Glue/glue stick
5. Scissors
1. Cut center out of paper plate
2. Cut out leaf shapes
3. Trace and cut out childs hand
4. Paste shapes to paper plate.
It is September and things are in full swing again. Lots of exciting things to look forward to, school, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  In our excitement we some times become careless, so September is 
Safety September.
Help your child learn cross walk safety and street signs by coloring them and putting them around their room.  
Fun crosswalk safety game.  
1. Print the flier, 
2. Print a picture of your childs favorite character
3. Get 1 dice
4. Roll the dice.  Even the character is in the crosswalk (place him/her there)
Odd they are out of the cross walk.  
5.  Talk about what can happen if you are out of the crosswalk.  
You are not the only one who could be hurt, the driver could be hurt as well. 

Turn your child's bedroom window into a flower garden
 Flower Garden Window
Construction Paper
Easy Flower Patterns (use or make up any design you want)

As the weather warms up your children will spend more time outdoors.  This is a great time to introduce them to insect.

Here is a fun and simple craft for little ones
Dragon Flies
This is a great site with information about Dragonfly's

   Simple Dragonfly Craft

Colored Popsicle Sticks
Glitter paper
Glue Stick
Google eyes

Cut 4 tear drop wings
Glue 2 google eyes to the end of the Popsicle stick
Add glue to stick
put 2 wings on each side right under the eyes

This is great to hang from a string from the ceiling.
Trying using glow in the dark paper for a fun effect

Want to teach your children to count
Make a monthly theme calendar with them or make up themes of your own.
Calendar Template
Theme  Eggs/Bunnies/Crosses printable s of your choice
1. Print calendar template
2. If your theme is Easter Print Easter Bunnies or Crosses print 30 of these ( you and your child cut them out together
3. You and your child pick a place to hang your calendar
4. Each day add one of your themes to your calendar.
5. Count how many theme items you have added If you are on day 20, add that day then count how many items you have this will teach your children to count. here is a Halloween one You can add bats each day, hats, pumpkins what ever you want.  

Easter is on the way here is a cute and simple craft 
to do with your little ones
yellow/pink/ white cups
googly eyes
cotton nose
orange/pink construction paper
grass your choice of color
Yellow feathers
white and pink felt cut in the shape of ears
little candies (care not to small so little ones don't choke)

My goodness it is so cold. To keep little ones entertained while stuck inside bring out some of your fall crafts and give them a winter feel by adding red glitter, or white glitter.  Also Science is wonderful while children are stuck inside. Freeze some ice time how long it takes to get set.  Time how long it takes to thaw.
Add salt to the water see if it freezes Here is a wonderful site with some winter science ideas

Christmas time is the best time of the year to spend with children
there are so many crafts to do with them.  Crafts teach, math, science, socialization, reading and how to have fun.
Simple Apple tart
1 can pie filling
pie crust
cookie sheet
round cookie cutter
1 bowl
cut circle in pie crust with cookie cutters
in bowl mix cinnamon and sugar and pie filling Add to taste
put a scoop in center of circle 
fold over and seal edge with water and fork 
Bake till golden brown 
Children will love cutting these out and filling them  
Well summer is over and now it is time for Fall
here are some fun Stain Glass Apples to hang in your children's windows
Stain Glass Apples
1. Construction paper your choice of colors
2. Clear contact paper
3. Tissue paper
4. Apple template
5 Scissors ( use safety scissors for children)
6. Hole punch
7. String
Cut out apple shape
place on construction paper and cut out apple
cut out the center of your apple in the shape of an apple
place on clear contact paper
cut contact paper to the size of your apple
peel off back of contact paper and place over apple
tear up tissue paper and place on contact paper
punch hole in top
run string through hole and tie
hang in the window

Whats your summer theme with your kids We are doing Dinosaurs
Dino Eggs
This is a great way for kids to learn about Paleontology
1. purchase very small dinosaurs
2. make some clay

2 cups flour
1 cup salt
1 cup hot water
1 tablespoon vegetable oil (optional, for smoother texture)

Mix the Clay

1- Combine flour and salt in a large bowl.
2- Add hot water (and optional oil if desired) and mix thoroughly.
3- Let cool until comfortable to knead (about 5 minutes).
4- Knead until smooth and pliable (about 6 minutes).

3. Form into equal size balls

4. Flatten out each ball and and place 1 small dinosaur in the middle and roll into the shape of an egg

5. Let completely dry

6. Let your child paint any color they think a dino egg would be

7. Hide the Eggs and go on a Dinosaur with your kids when you find them slowly crack open to see what type of dino is inside

8. Look up that dino and learn all about him. 

Kids learn best by doing.  Have your child help you make the Solar System label each planet and write 1 or 2 fun facts about that planet then hang on the wall.  Then let your imagination go wild.  
What would a farm on another planet look like well think of the plants, veggies, and animals then have fun.  This is what we think a farm on another planet would look like
So let your child's imagination go wild while building and talking about the Solar System.
Children will love to wake up every morning and see their own personal flower garden.
What you will need
1. construction paper Separate green paper for grass
2. tape
3. glue
4. scissors
5. Sun flower seeds
6. paper plates
Cut circles and tear drop shapes from the construction paper
cut large tear drop shapes from construction paper
paint glue on paper plate leave circle for seeds
glue seeds to center
place large petals around plate
make small flowers
cut green paper so that it makes grass tape to bottom of glass
make small flowers
have fun making all size flower and taping to your child's windows
1. Spread cheap white shaving cream in a cookie sheet
2. Apply drops of neon food coloring across surface
3. Use toothpicks to swirl colors around
4. Roll the dried, cooled hardboiled eggs in the colorful cream (we used disposable kitchen gloves to reduce the tattoo effect)
5. Allow to set for 3-4 minutes on a paper plate
6. Wipe off shaving cream with paper toweling
7. Rinse! Voila! Beautiful marbleized eggs, done quickly!
Well now we are into the new year stick around and see what fun craft you can do with your kids. 

Nesting chickens
We got this great idea off of our facebook page.
what you will need
1. brown paper bags
2. elmers glue
3. sticks 
4 Easter Grass or straw
5 Peeps
6 Plastic Easter Eggs
slightly cut down the sides of your bag just enough so that your can roll the sides down and make a round donut shape out of your bag
paint sides with a lot of elmers glue
while glue is dying go outside for about 15 minutes and gather small twigs ( ours were to big small ones work best)
arrange you sticks around the outside of your nest add more glue if you want.  
add a dab of glue to the center and add grass or straw
place your Peep or Egg with Peep in basket let dry.  

Only problem with this craft is kids will want to eat peeps lol so have some extra ones for them.  
Heart craft 4 valentine

To make these you will need: rustic floral wire (available in the floral section of anycraft store – it's like wire wrapped in craft paper), wire cutters, yarn and scissors.

Clip off a length of floral wire and bend into a heart shape; twisting the ends together to secure.

Tie yarn onto heart.

Pull yarn across heart, wrap around wire and pull yarn across to the other side.

Wrap yarn securely so there is no slack.

Tie a knot and cut yarn with enough length for hanging.

You could also tuck a note inside and give it as a valentine.


Imagination Play-Station

First grab any left over craft and get it ready for the kids to do, add  left over crafts supplies to go along with 
this craft, pom poms, glittier anything it doesn't matter.  This is a great time to talk about the book this craft went along with and asking question 
about the book.  Next,
take a med to large box  and decorate it . Put a slit in it large enough for your or 
a child's hand to pull out a book, Then fill the box with themed books like, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, 
Groundhog day etc. Finally let a child pull out a book, read it and do the craft to go along with the book. 
Now let the fun begin what if the craft you got ready was groundhog day but your book is a Christmas book 
Well you are gonna have one cool Groundhog Santa.  Expect hours of fun and giggles as you turn old crafts 
into crazy things at your own Imagination Play-Station.

Fun Paper plate visor
      1. PAPER PLATE
        3. String or Ribbon 
4. Hole punch
1. Cut paper plate into a U cut and shape to childs head
2. Punch a hole on each side
3. Attach String or Ribbon.
4. Let kids designs and attach stickers

Treasure Hunt


I happen to have a treasure chest hamper you can use anything

Old toys and books
Brown construction paper
Popcicle sticks
Colored construction paper cut into shapes
Old pillow cases
Put the books and toys in the pillow cases
Cut out shapes out of colored construction paper and staple to popcicle stick Number each shape we used 8 shapes. Hide the shapes around the yard by sticking the popcicle stick in the ground.  Put a prize by each shape We used shapes and numbers since children all have different sized legs and this is a great way for them to learn their numbers and shapes
Take brown construction paper and draw your shapes on them
On map start with any shape and  write number one on it.  Your next shape is number 2 continue until you have numbered all your shapes.  Draw  lines going from one shape to another.  Keep going and numbering your shapes until you come to the end of your shapes  ..  Example to start they would look for 1 a star then go to 2 a triangle and so forth to the end.  Once they come to the end there will be a prize waitng for them.  If playing with more than 1 child each map will begin and end with a different shape. But the only prize they get is the one at the end of their shape.  So if you are using 8 shapes 1 childs last shape may be a Square another a Rectangle  This is a fun Birthday party game as well.  Get ready for hours of fun with this project


Grab a bunch of left over crafts and glue read any book of your choice then turn those crafts into the theme of that book.  LOL this was fall notice the left over feathers.  What other old crafts can you spot in this puppet.